For over a decade, we have been the favorite hotel of travelers who seek peaceful environment and wish to stay closer to heritage sites. We feel proud when our guests praise for the service and hospitality we offer. Along with craftsmanship all around our hotel, personalized service to every guest is our tradition which set us apart.

Hotel Goodwill offers you with the visualizations of craftsmanship and rich culture of Patan city. Being a heritage hotel, you can see the artistic Nepali architectures and sculptures, but at the same time, we provide the modern amenities and quality service with first priority. Thus, you can find the wonderful blending of traditional Nepali art-culture with the present day lifestyle in this hotel. You can also experience the Nepalese way of providing a complete hospitality and treating the guests as God at Hotel Goodwill. Visit us and experience a memorable time full of cultural delights, hospitality, and service.

Anil Shakya
Owner / Managing Director
Hotel Goodwill Pvt. Ltd.