About Us

Hotel Goodwill is a family run heritage boutique hotel in Nepal located in the heart of Patan, Lalitpur. It has been a favorite choice of travelers who love to stay away from the crowd of regular city hotels in Kathmandu. It is located just two blocks from Mahaboudha temple and Rudravarna Mahavihar (famous world heritage). Hotel Goodwill is about five kilometers from the airport.

You can see the cultural treasure of Patan in the hotel through an array of handmade traditional statues, stone Chaitya, wood carvings on the foundation of a traditional style terracotta building. Mataya Jatra is an important festival of lights celebrated only in Patan which you can witness in Hotel Goodwill itself during July/August every year. Dine the local, oriental and continental in our exquisite restaurant and then unwind at the lounge where you can sip classic cocktails in a cozy setting.